Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rain, rain, go away-come back on days other than game days!!!

Yes, the rain has come and come during this season which has caused postponements for CASL games. It is our hope to reschedule all games lost to rainouts. This may require CASL's scheduling staff to use the weekend of October 22nd & 23rd to reschedule those games. As soon as the games are rescheduled, we will get the information out to our members. In the meantime, let's hope for dry weekends as we move through October!
                                                                              Charlie Slagle

Monday, September 19, 2011

Magnificient Mile

The Magnificient Mile was competed yesterday and it was a great success. Over $50,000 was raised to support Motor Neuron research. CASL had a great turnout and many people beat CASL's Old Man (that would be me). Awards were given to the top 5 boys and girls finishers that beat the "Old Man's" time which was 8:05 (that is minutes and seconds, not hours and minutes). The winners were: Boys-Conor Chapman, Bailey Autry, Wesley Skinner, Alex Hames and Noah Chapman; Girls-Halee Enderle, Claire, Paige and Lauren Griffiths and Tanika Santos. The Staff winner was Lindsay Vera.....AGAIN.
This yearly September event is a great one and CASL parent, Sarah Witt , who has PLS (Primary Lateral Sclerosis-a motor neuron disease) does an unbelievable job with this 6 year old event. Mark your calendar for next year and see if you can beat the year older CASL Old Man!
                                                                                                Charlie Slagle

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What are you doing at 2 pm on Sunday?

If you don't have a soccer game scheduled, come join me and another 1,400+ participants in the Magnificient Mile Race this Sunday 9/18. You can register on line until Friday at http://www.magmilerace.com/ or go to Athletes Foot in Cameron Village until Saturday afternoon or register near the race starting line which is in the vicinity of Second Empire Restaurant on Hillsborough Street (where the majority of the race is run) downtown. High temperature on Sunday is supposed to be 75 degrees, perfect running weather.
CASL is a sponsor of this event that raises funds for cures for Primary Lateral Sclerosis and Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. Sarah Roberts Witt, a CASL parent and the dynamo behind this event, has PLS and has willed this Run/Race into a great event. Plenty of other things to do, Kids races, booths, etc. Check it out on http://www.magmilerace.com/.
One section of the event is "Beat CASL's Old Man (I resemble that remark)" and the top five females and males that beat me get an award. 140 people participated in this section of the run last year---we are hoping for more this year. $45,000 has already been raised this year which is over 90% of the goal. Fox 50 will interview me on Friday at 7:40 am about the race on the WRAL news. Let's support this great event and I'll see you on Sunday!
                                                                                 Charlie Slagle

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Duke on Friday!

Great soccer being played @ Duke on Friday! At 2 pm, the UNC women play UNCG. At 4 pm, the Duke Women play Texas A & M. At 7 pm, the Duke Men host Virginia in the ACC opener for both teams. The Men's game will be the NSCAA College Game of the Week on Fox Soccer Channel. I will be the sideline reporter, so, give me a shout if you are at the game. CASL products Andrew Morales (Duke) and Spencer LaCivita (UVA starting gk) are getting a great deal of time on the pitch for their respective teams.
                                                                     Charlie Slagle

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to the Regular Season

The only real interruption, Labor Day weekend, to the CASL season is past us and it is back to the regular season. We want to emphasize sportsmanship by all concerned. Thinking before speaking definitely helps this. Emphasize healthy lifestyles including healthy snacks for post game. Safety-anchor those goals, keep spectators off the sideline to give the kids room to play, hydration, sun block etc. Remember to thank the volunteers associated with your team....whether it is the coach, team manager or some other position, these people should be thanked for volunteering their time to enable your child to have a great experience.
Enjoy your kids and their activities. Let them have some success and let them experience some failure. Sports provides a great avenue for this and helps develop what kind of adults the youth will be. HAVE FUN AND REMEMBER IT IS JUST A GAME!!!!
                                                                                          Charlie Slagle

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CASL product joins Railhawks on loan from NY Red Bulls!

Tyler Lassiter, who played for CASL from a young age and at Wake Forest Rolesville HS then NC State and now with the NY Red Bulls (after being drafted #30 overall in the MLS draft last winter), will be with the Railhawks the rest of their season. The Red Bulls loaned Tyler to the Railhawks to get him more playing time and experience. The Railhawks have taken a hit in the back with players moving to European clubs and injuries. Tyler will help shore up the defense for the NASL leading Railhawks.
With 5 games remaining, the Railhawks have clinched the #1 or 2 seed which puts them in the semifinal round. They are 7 points ahead of the Puerto Rico Islanders with 5 games to play (one of those games is at Puerto Rico). Their magic number is 9 points (points gained by the Railhawks or points lost by the Islanders) to clinch the #1 seed.
The Railhawks play at WakeMed Soccer Stadium this Saturday against the Tampa Bay Rowdies at 7 pm. It is important for player development that players see high level soccer and it is abundant in the area with the Railhawks and the great men's and women's collegiate programs in this area.....my advice to you: GO TAKE IN A GAME(S)!!!!
Railhawk season ticket info for 2012 is now on their web site-check it out!
                                                                                 Charlie Slagle

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Protecting our Fields

The CASL fields are looking good, for the most part, as we finish up bermuda grass growing season. There are exceptions, however, due to heavy play on open parks throughout the CASL system. WRAL Soccer Center has gone through some changes to its infrastructure (new fences, paving, building improvements, etc.) which will continue. It also went through some field improvements including sodding worn areas.
All that being said, the bermuda grass will stop growing soon and then will be dormant until the heat returns in the late spring. Therefore, it is everyone's responsibility to help preserve the fields and the majority of that can be done in practices and pre-game warmups.
Practices should mainly use the least used parts of the field. This means staying out of the penalty areas, as much as possible. Move goals to do shooting drills, play your small sided games in the area between the penalty area and the half line with the goals on the sidelines, etc. etc. Repetitive excerises such as ladders, jumping drills, cutting and turning drills, etc. should occur off the field.
Pre-game warmups can use areas of the field outside the penalty areas including the warmup of the goalkeeper until the team takes warmup shots with the keeper in goal.
All of these things will make the fields survive better going into the spring. Granted, no matter what we do, the fields will not be in as good of shape in the spring as the fall. However, the better job that teams do in the fall will allow the fields to be in the best shape possible for the start of the spring season. Likewise, the better job done in the spring will keep the fields in the best possible shape until the grass begins to grow again.
It is everyone's responsibility to look after our fields and facilities. I'm sure that I have received complaints in the past from coaches about the field conditions in the spring. My guess is that some of those complaints have been from some of the same coaches that practice in the game wear areas thus contributing to the condition of the field.
It is everyone's responsibility to preserve the fields while still getting the "SOCCER" done. It can be done and I, for one, appreciate those that think of others in these situations. Have Fun and Remember it is Just a Game and also remember that it is more FUN on better fields. Help us try to make this happen! THANKS!
                                                                   Charlie Slagle